Sevorum Dei Plus 20

Founded: 0
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Servorum Dei (Servants of God) is a spring Covenant of newly-sworn Magi based in the town of Olmutz in Moravia. The Magi - three Gifted practitioners of Holy Magic, and three ungifted hedge wizards with holy methods and powers - were all sworn to the code after it was discovered that the Gifted ones had been illegally taught the parma magica. Their teacher, Fabianus Ex Miscellania, was subsequently marched by a Tribunal.

Physically, the Covenant is located in the basement of the Archdeaconry of St Peters (the old Cathedral), and has a Divine Aura of 4. It is protected by a level 20 Aegis of the Hearth.

The Covenant runs a church school and has access to several relics.

Magi of Sevorum Dei

The coenobium consists of Ungifted Hedge Wizards with Divine powers, and Gifted Magi who have been taught Holy Magic. The Holy Magi are guided by Archeacon Petrus, who is Ungifted. This is likely to cause tension with its new member.



Fabianus Ex Miscellania may be considered a past member of this coenobium, as he opened the Gifts of the Apprentices.

Significant grogs

  • Archdeacon Petrus
  • Julian the Illuminator

Library plus 20

There are no Hermetic works beyond the initial set of primers, but there is now a small number of Tracti on Holy arts, and a small collection of holy spells. There is an increasing library of works on Divine Methods and Powers.

Vis Sources

  • water from a holy spring (20p Divine Creo / year, 5 per season)
  • acorns from magic grove (1p Herbam / year, in winter for accounting purposes)
  • rose petals from a magic grove (1p Rego / year, in winter for accounting purposes)

Vis stocks
As at Winter, year 20

Cr 242D An 2 Ig 0
In 6 Aq 0 Im 0
Mu 0 Au 0 Me 12
Pe 0 Co 4 Te 0
Re 14 He 9 Vi 10D

Magic items

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