Johannes Talisman

A staff of Rowan, with an inset silver cross near one end. The staff required 8p of Vim vis to open (large wood object, largest component method), and has the following attunements:

  • + 5 cause damage to infernal creatures (cross)
  • + 5 ward away supernatural (cross)

It contains the following effects:

  • LORD, Banish This Demon (PeVi 15) (As Demon's Eternal Oblivion, but R: Presence), Penetration 32 (16), 12 uses/day (+4), total effect level = 35. 4p Pe vis required.
  • Circular Ward Against Demons (ReVi 20), Penetration 22 (11), 12 uses/day (+4), total effect level = 36. 4p Re vis required.
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